A downloadable half-baked TRPG thing

So gacha games are predatory and suck, and this is pretty well-documented. Why not play this instead? You pay your friends with acts of kindness instead of a faceless corporation with your money.

Inspired by seeing a work colleague playing a gacha game on their phone at work... they say they're totally not addicted.

This is the sixth one-page TRPG thing of my November 2022 series. I'm aiming to finish 22 of them - one for each weekday of the month. Be warned: few, if any, of these games will be playtested before release. Some will be trash, and others maybe slightly less so. Enjoy!

Non-Gacha Gacha Gen © 2022 by Pensivity is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0


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Love this idea! Gonna try it out with my friends and see what happens.


Glad you like it! Take a pic of some of the results if you're okay with that - I'm keen to see what people can come up with with such an open-ended system :)