A downloadable half-baked TRPG thing

A journalling/backstory-creating character generator of sorts for anyone who wants to play a wax-person in a TRPG. Touches on themes of standing out/fitting in and death. Print and write!

Inspired by all the wax I've worked with this week - tried out wax carving on the weekend, wax seals mid-week, and lighting a poured scented candle just today! More game-wise, inspired by The Melting Remnant clan from Monster Train.

This is the eighth one-page TRPG thing of my November 2022 series. I'm aiming to finish 22 of them - one for each weekday of the month. Be warned: few, if any, of these games will be playtested before release. Some will be trash, and others maybe slightly less so. Enjoy!

A Figure In Wax © 2022 by Pensivity is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0


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